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Your homes most important feature is one you'll never see

Updated: May 2, 2020

Few homeowners ever give much thought to the wiring in their house. Understandably. You just assume and expect that the subcontractors will install "that stuff" and why bother wasting brain power on that when you have other fish to fry.

In our world, the wiring is everything.

Low voltage cabling for networking, audio, shades and controls are some of the least expensive elements you'll install yet they are the backbone of all your entertainment and convenience items. We often install multiple "extra" wires in areas where we know there will be new technologies coming that will require them. If we've ever had conversations with customers about some things they'd like to have but just don’t have the money right now (such as multiple security cameras) we will still install the cable, just in case they wish to add them later.

Whereas it costs a few hundred dollars to install that cabling now, it could cost thousands down the road. The difference in effort between a new installation and a remodel effort is generally about 5-10x if it can even be done at all.

The modern home with a family of 5 living in it can easily have 40 or more internet connected devices. Relying on a single WIFI access point/router/modem from the local cable company to support that many devices is challenging at best. So directly connecting as many devices as possible to a wire ensures the best performance over time.

A smart, strategic plan to accommodate upgrades of internet and connected convenience devices is time and money well spent.

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