Residential Services

Let beautiful music fill the 4 corners of your home.

Enjoy the big game on a really big screen.

Feel the roar and thunder of that action movie or video game with your own high-end home theater and audio system.

Enjoy the privacy and energy savings of beautiful and fully automatic window shades.

Automatically set back the temperature and turn off all lights when you leave.

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Private Home Theater

Enjoy your own private theater for movies or sports. Today's 4K laser projectors and multi-channel audio systems make the home theater experience as good as going to the movies, without the $12 popcorn.


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Lighting Control Systems

Does your thermostat have just an ON/OFF button? Of course not. You want to change the temperature based on the changing conditions outside. Lighting control systems are the same idea. Sometimes you want the lights up bright for cooking or cleaning other times you want them dimmed to watch a movie.

Larger residences can have many areas and multiple zones of lighting both inside and outside. We exclusively use the best lighting control systems in the world: Lutron, to save energy and give your home the ultimate in lighting flexibility.

Motorized Shades

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Automatically adjust your window treatments with precise, near-silent control to create elegant transitions of daylight. Maintain views to the outside while reducing glare on computer and television screens. Command privacy at the touch of a button, protect valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays or create complete darkness by lowering blackout shades.

With a large variety of window treatment styles, fabrics and technologies, any room can be personalized for elegance and comfort. We use Lutron products exclusively for our Motorized Shade Solutions. Visit our projects page to see a recently completed shading installation.



Multi-room Audio

Want to listen to your CDs, iPod, iTunes or favorite internet streaming service like Spotify or Pandora throughout your whole house or outside by the pool? Give us a call, we can design and install a system so your music seemlessly follows you from room to room. Never be without your music!

Networking and WIFI

Today, everything comes over your network. Email, streaming video from Netflix and Hulu and streaming audio from Pandora or Amazon.

Your home network is the nerve system of your residence. Let Haas Design Co. design and install a fast, flexible solution for today and the future.


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Control System

Simplify your life with a single control system or app. Control your lights, shades, thermostat, garage doors and home entertainment system from a single device instead of 10 different remotes.

Security Cameras

Protect your property 24/7. Record visitors and delivery persons all times of the day and night. Watch live recorded video from your phone or tablet from any location, anytime. With lots of options for resolution and recording times available. Don't just guess. Let Haas Design Co help you decide what's best for your property. Contact Us

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Smart Locks

Remotely lock/unlock your door from your smartphone or automatically based on the time of day.